Monday, March 10, 2008

My Spring Fever Started Early

As it usually goes for me in the winter months, I get in a quick (and much needed) vacation, then come back to Portland and wait for Spring. and wait. the phone rings, I get a few small jobs in, and I wait for Spring. This winter, one of the most spontaneous, and fulfilling adventures presented itself to me, and I jumped on it. My friend took a 3-month long position as a gardener at Starseed Ranch - a 26 acre ranch on the big island of Hawaii. I tagged along with her to help her jump start the gardens which had been neglected for a few months. I was only there for 10 days, but the beauty and fertility of Hawaii stuck with me throughout February. Hawaii's growing season is year-round, so I felt like I was smack in the middle of summer. I grew up in Florida and have a soft spot for tropical plants (dare I say they are my favorite?) Orchids, palms, banyan trees, avocados, loquats!) Color was everywhere (my eyes were unaccustomed to this), and signs of life were overwhelming. We were planting vegetable seeds and sowing established crops, all the while taking tangerine and papaya breaks in the orchard on the property. The day after I got back to Portland, I started some vegetable and herb seeds on a sunny window in the house and remembered how good the sun felt on my skin. Signs of life have begun in Portland now too. The cherries are blooming (pink trees - yes!), and bulbs are adding color in the sparse beds. Oh, and the phone won't stop ringing.


Jeanne said...

All great to hear about your adventures. Keep up the beautiful work.

Jeanne said...

I meant to write "Always great to hear ...".